Coasts Biotope Treasure Chamber Main Show

Coast is our first exhibit area, and boasts a beach scene with classic German beach chairs. Each beach chair features interactive animations with an aspect about coastal life onshore and offshore.

Find out about tsunami warning systems, tidal power, environmentally friendly shipping, and offshore wind farms, and discover the similarities and differences between mudflat landscapes on German and Korean coastlines. Feel the comfort of this unique beach furniture yourself – with one beach chair converted to a photo opportunity for you to take home a souvenir pic.

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Our second exhibition area, Habitat, is all about the world's oceans – the largest ecosystem on our planet and a boundless biotope replete with fauna and flora that never cease to amaze. Take a good close look at a million-year-old fossil sponge and explore its habitat using state-of-the-art augmented reality technology.

Video installations with spectacular high-definition images taken by a submersible robot will give you unique insights into the world under water, with rare footage of deep-sea dwellers together with a grippingly visual presentation on fishing the high seas and the dangers of overfishing. The amazing voyage of a rubber duckie through the oceans will give you an impression of the waste we're subjecting our oceans to.

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Our third exhibition area, our Treasury all glittering in gold, will give you a glimpse into the future – focusing on the wealth of resources in the world's oceans. A manganese nodule dating back millions of years from the Pacific seabed will give you an impression of the enormous natural resources waiting for extraction from the deep seas.

The exhibits will show you how humans have explored largely uncharted ocean floors as exhibited against a wooden treasure-chest backdrop. This will also give you an impression as to the future possibilities of sustainable undersea extraction of ore, oil, methane hydrates and other natural resources.

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The highlight of your visit to the German Pavilion is waiting for you in the Main Show with a virtual diving session, an animated journey that will plunge you through a spectacular high-tech all-round projection to give you the sensation of being in a glass sphere as you plumb the depths of the oceans.

Your seabed-bound adventure will take you to the extraction sites of the future, encountering many an unearthly inhabitant of the deep on your way. The Main Show will enchant you with fantastic images to give you a lasting memory from the fascinating variety that lies far beneath the waves.

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